How a Recruiting Partner Can Offer Flexibility in Your Hiring Process

Michael Grasso

Over the years, we’ve seen the quantity of competition rise in our industry, with staffing firms popping up left, right and center, providing services to millions of unemployed people across the world. In theory, these services are excellent, but in reality, these firms are focused on the numbers game and flinging résumés at you from all directions. So, let’s talk about the far more personable, lesser-known recruitment boutiques ─ recruiting partners.

As a business owner, you probably prefer to use an in-house team of recruitment professionals to cover your hiring needs, and the concept of outsourcing your process most likely feels like failure. After all, ‘outsourcing’ tends to get a bad name. The truth is, though, if you choose to partner with the experts external to your company, they will your approach to talent acquisition and boost your business results far faster than an in-house team.

Why Choose a Recruiting Partner?

Have you ever been in contact with a staffing firm? If so, you’ll know that you get rapid results. Within two weeks, you’ve got a stack of résumés to peruse at leisure, with a long line of eager candidates awaiting your call. And, after some deliberation, you decide to hire a gentleman named Dave; Dave is the full-package on paper and, after a convincing interview, you decided he was the man for the job.

Unfortunately, on week two, Dave decides to reveal that he isn’t an adaptable Athlete, by taking offense and causing a scene when his line-manager criticizes a shoddy piece of work. His attitude quickly deteriorates, and he is soon blaming other members of the team for various mistakes and bringing down the team morale, upsetting Debbie on reception, Steve in accounts, and who knows who else. It turns out Dave was a bad choice.

In two weeks, Dave has gone from hero-to-zero, showing his lack of soft skills and workplace flexibility. The issue is, Dave was the best choice available. How? Well, the truth is, staffing firms like to turnover prospective employees at a rapid rate, and, unfortunately, their level of commitment and care is about as much good as a snowblower in the desert. As I said, it’s all about the numbers; in other words, quantity over quality.

The Meticulous Missionaries (OR: The White-Glove Treatment)

Recruiting partners provide more of a white-glove experience, taking the time to truly get to know the needs and expectations of your company. They will meticulously comb through the potential candidates, ensuring that the only résumés that reach your desk were produced by individuals who actually suit your advertised position. Partners don’t just tick the boxes for qualifications, experience, and other such abilities; they ask the important questions and get to know the potential candidate, and they find out whether they would thrive in your workplace environment.

You could say that recruiting partners provide a level of service that the most successful carpenters do ─ the provision of bespoke, fitted staff that mold into the existing structure as if they were present from the very beginning.

Dedication and Flexibility at a Reduced Rate

Recruitment is a complex process nowadays, with more quotas to tick, increased resource-dependency, and rules to abide by. More often than not, these stretch, limit and stifle a HR department, and staff find themselves having to prioritize strategically ─ often at the cost of recruitment. Alternatively, you can look to outsource, which will streamline every aspect of the process and, potentially, be far more cost and resource-effective. Recruiting partners are the trusted skilled experts who are dedicated to the acquisition of talent for businesses, prioritizing quality over quantity, and reducing the strain on your HR team.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Usually, at this point, somebody in the corner would pipe-up, “it sounds too good to be true!” But, the fact of the matter is, it just isn’t. We know this because, at AMPlify, we specialize in the provision of a bespoke, tailored-to-fit-your-needs talent acquisition service. We’ve been at it for a while now and we’ve had great results, so, if you need a hand with your upcoming recruitment drive, get in touch and have a chat with our industry experts. You never know, we might amplify your talent.


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