Who’s Up Next? HR Transformation Anyone? ─ Building the Company of the Future – part 1

Yashar Kafi

With the digitization of companies, Human Resources (HR) departments are having to transform. Staff ability and traditional processes are undergoing massive innovation in preparation for the wave of digital disruption and acceleration that companies are starting to ride like surfers down-under. Having a water-tight plan for your company’s HR department’s future, with ideas for the turnover of employees, hiring ideals, and management systems, will allow your company to ride the wave smoothly.

What is the Company of the Future?

This one is a tough one to define, but we’re going to give it a crack anyway. The ‘company of the future’ is probably a proactive, people-centric version of the stereotypical, traditional organization. The HR transformation revolves around the process of changing the culture of the workforce and influencing employees to use new, cutting edge collaborative applications. . Like some sort of ‘80s sci-fi movie, it is allowing companies to do things that were just a fantasy back in the day.

The new innovative aspects can automate processes and facilitate learning, personal growth, and career development, while new applications are changing the way that HR works, functionally, expediting those processes that everybody used to avoid because they’d take ages ─ switchboards, memos, and fax machines, we’re looking at you.

Is Automation Going to be Big?

Well, it already is. You could say that it is key to the modern workplace already, so it’ll definitely be prevalent in the future. Automation is letting companies interface processes that employees would perform with tech and making them super-efficient. Especially when you let it take over the data-inputting of spreadsheets ─ that is mind-numbingly boring. So, automation through tech is definitely going to be a significant part of the future workforce, freeing up time for employees to focus their energies on value-added tasks or analytics, instead!

One exciting company that is leading the charge and making waves in the next generation of HR solutions is Hibob, an Israeli startup that provides cloud-based HR and benefits management software that puts individual employee growth front and center. Hibob started to ride the riptide of tech innovation in the workplace back in 2015, having been built with the understanding that the world of work is changing.

Although it’s all a little “big brother,” just by looking at Hibob’s About page, you get a clear picture of who each member of their team is, and what makes them unique. Hibob calls out their team’s “superpowers,” hobbies, and department. It is an instant culture creator, while showing you who is good at what, with achievements laid out sort of like a Facebook timeline.

Hibob further illustrates how data analytics will continue to become more and more critical in the “company of the future.”  I predict it won’t be long until US companies begin to follow in their footsteps. As workforces become more remote and spread out globally, it becomes increasingly important to cater to those needs seamlessly while keeping staff members happy.

At AMPlify, these changes are in full view. There is often chatter in our office about how millennials are changing not just the talent pool, but how things are done in workplaces. It’s an exciting time!

If you need advice on adapting your company’s culture so that you can employ the best, the specialists at AMPlify are on-hand to tell you exactly how to achieve that. So, get in touch with us today. Stay tuned for part 2, where we will examine the company of the future from an employee perspective.


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