Today, businesses change at breakneck speed. Technology has created an environment that produces progress, but also disruption. Any amount of disruption causes challenges, whether they are big or small. At AMPlify Resources Group, we prefer to see challenges as an opportunity.

We have compiled a team of consultants and specialized recruiters with extensive cumulative and individual experience in tech, as a service solutions, start-ups, HR, and recruitment. Each member of the AMP team understands today’s business disruptions and the array of challenges that may come alongside them.

Understanding how to solve individualized cases best, and spending the time and attention to genuinely do so, is what sets AMPlify apart. Resource problems happen at every organization, and we are passionate about finding solutions that make sense with the vision of the future.



Ultimately the changes that are made now need to support the future, and succeeding at that means a real understanding of talent needs, technology, and the evolution of business is necessary. Every consultant will tell you that your organization matters to them, and at AMP, that is true. AMPlify Resources Group is made up of a team of individuals that all value real results, problem-solving, and tenacity. People are the backbone of our business, and having a strong team that cares is a core value at AMP.

We have been where you are, we learn as you learn, our victories are your victories. We believe that we are in this together.

We believe in agility, flexibility, collaboration, and action. We believe in empowering our clients and partners to reach achievement while bringing perspective and real-talk to every situation.

Our core services are retained search, direct-hire, executive search, temporary staffing, temporary workforce solutions, contract-to-hire solutions, project consulting, and contract consulting.

We have offices in New York, Atlanta, L.A., and Brussels, and are headquartered in Boston, MA.

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